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  Development of the statistical part of research projects, including interim and adaptive analyses.
  Review of protocol documents for consistency, completeness, and clarity of the statistical part. 
Prepare a statistical analysis plan and review the statistical analysis plan against the protocol.
Conduct statistical analysis and interpret results to support decision-making and perform statistical analyses for clinical studies, including but not limited to Phase I-IV clinical trials, observational studies, meta-analyses, PMS, and PMCF. 
Development of the statistical part of the DSMB charter or a review of the statistical part of the DSMB charter.
Review of the CRF template in terms of statistics, endpoints, and whether they can be counted from the data collected from the CRF. 
Site support, data cleaning, and quality control processes to ensure data integrity. 
Consulting on statistics and data analysis. 
  Image analysis allows us to extract meaningful information from images through image processing and now computer vision.
  The latest developments in image analysis come from the realm of machine learning and deep learning, allowing us to provide image data in near real-time.
We believe AI can move medical care forward by improving the efficiency of triage to subspecialists and personalizing medicine through tailored predictive models. 
Imaging work addresses the fundamentals of 2D and 3D image processing, including filtering, segmentation, surface reconstruction, and shape analysis. 
Extracting meaningful information from medical images and signals can allow us to diagnose earlier and with more accuracy.
We can help you apply the principles of image analysis to your own applications or learn about the principles to better inform what is possible in your chosen field.
Our work in image processing also includes applications of advanced computation to 3D images, which has resulted in the new real-time therapeutic decision support system for PCI procedures.


Members of the Biostatistics and Medical Imaging Team have published more than 50 PubMed-indexed articles in various fields of medicine, medical technology and biomedical engineering.

The competence and experience of our team will enable you to design and conduct a high-quality study.